1. In Outlook, create a new profile for a generic user, such as Shared Calendar. Ensure this user's calendar is set to allow other users to view it.  (You do not need to configured email accounts to use with this profile.)  If you need instructions on creating a new profile in Outlook, please refer to Microsoft Outlook Help for more information.
  2. Create a query of the events to be synchronized in The Raiser's Edge, then choose Options from your Raiser's Edge - Options - Synchronize toolbar in Outlook.
  3. Go to the Calendar/Tasks tab, check the boxes to Synchronize Outlook Calendar and Tasks with The Raiser's Edge and, below that, Create Outlook calendar entries from Raiser's Edge events. Include your query. If you want to set up reminders to come up before the event, you can click the Advanced Options button beneath that to set up reminders.
  4. Click the Synchronize button to sync the events with your generic calendar.