Check the NetCommunity plugin version on each workstation to verify it matches the version of NetCommunity installed on the NetCommunity web server and The Raiser's Edge Web Server. 

If the versions match, check the scenarios below:


  • A user will be marked in the Raiser's Edge as, Do Not Register, if they register someone other than themselves for an event.  This means that if the user that is paying for the event selects, New Individual,  rather than, Myself, the person paying will be labeled in RE as Do Not Register.
Note: This will occur whether the user is logged in or not logged in and for free or paid events as the Classic form requires payment information even for free events.



NetCommunity version 6.58 patch 3 and below: 

  • If the user is Not Logged in and has entered in two different versions of their first name when registering for Paid Events.  If the name that is entered on the registrant screen (step 2) does not match the name that is entered into the billing information (step 3), NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge will view this as two separate individuals.  The middle initial that is added in the billing information makes this appear as two different individuals.  John Doe is attending, but John S. Doe is paying for John Doe. For example:

Registrant Information: John Doe
Billing Information: John S. Doe

Note: This particular issue with the middle initial was resolved in version 6.58 patch 4. Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 

Keep in mind that processing of the transaction within the NetCommunity plugin can also alter the Do Not Registered name and how it is displayed, depending on if we reject, accept or alter this information when processing.

Note: In all scenarios - The record in Raiser's Edge will show the user completing the registration form under Registrants, marked as "Do Not Register", and the actual attendee(s) will show up as Guest(s).