Resources include the teachers and rooms you can schedule for a course. You can designate the number of teachers to schedule per class, the priority of the available teachers, the number of classes each teacher can teach, and the rooms available either by room type or specific room.
  1. In Records> Courses, open the course record. 
  2. In the Number of teachers for each class field, select the number of teachers needed for each class. The number you enter determines how many teachers the program assigns to classes using Generate Master Schedule (BB129710) or when scheduling manually (BB192056).
     For Available teachers, select the Teacher(s) that are resources for the course under Teacher Name.
    Note: Teachers with the course already listed on their faculty/staff record appear automatically. 
  3. In the Priority column, select Low, Standard, or High. This selection determines the ranking of the teacher for the course. 
  4. In the Target # of Classes per Term column, enter the number of classes of the course the teacher should be assigned. 
  5. In the Maximum # of Classes per Term column, enter the maximum number of classes of this course that you can assign to the teacher. 
  6. To include the homeroom assignments of the teachers as room resources, mark Include homerooms of faculty specified as resources. 
  7. For Available rooms, select Type or Specific room in the Available by column:
    • If you select Type, in the Type column, select the type of room to use for the course. 
    • If you select Specific room in the Room column, click the binoculars to search for and select a room. 
  8. In the Priority column, select Standard, Low, or High for each room to be scheduled for this course. 
  9. Click Save and Close.
Note: Adding a teacher as a resource on a course record does not automatically assign the teacher to classes. The teacher must still be assigned to the class manually (BB146987)or using Generate Master Schedule (BB129710).