• Click Configuration, Business Rules
    • Select Gift Activity Options under the Gift Options subheading
    • Click Gift Aid Rules at the bottom of the right hand pane.
    • You can set up rules to determine the conditions that automatically disqualify gifts for Gift Aid. The qualification of gifts entered into The Raiser's Edge is based on the conditions (criteria and attributes) you set up in Configuration. The characteristics of a gift determine its Gift Aid qualification status. For example, if you decide that all gifts with a Voucher pay method must be disqualified for Gift Aid, you can set up a rule to ensure these gifts are disqualified. When needed, you can manually override the rules you set up.

      The disqualification rules you set up in Configuration work in conjunction with the Tax tab of the gift record. On the Tax tab of your one-off cash gifts, recurring gifts, pledges, and cash payments for recurring gifts and pledges, you must select one method by which the Gift Aid qualification status should be assigned to the gift. Depending on your selection, the program can use your Gift Aid disqualification rules to automatically determine and display the Gift Aid Qualification Status for your gifts. A gift can either be Qualified for Gift Aid or Not Qualified for Gift Aid. After you set up rules, you can update the status of unclaimed gifts immediately or later.

      When adding new Campaigns, Funds, Appeals, Gift Subtypes and so on, you should always consider if any of these should be added to the Gift Aid Rules.
      Always ensure your Gift Aid Rules are up-to-date.