Depending on the rights you grant, students can enter course requests or enroll in classes through a Registration page in NetClassroom

Important notes
How to prepare to use Online Course Requests and Enrollment
  1. On the General tab of each course record in Records - Courses, specify the course department(s)
  2. On the Restrictions 2 tab of each course record in Records - Courses, confirm a record has been defined for the appropriate academic year and session
  3. On the Bio 2 tab of each teacher's record in Records - Faculty/Staff, select a department and position in the Department/Position grid. If applicable, select the position that designates the faculty member as head of the department.
  4. To allow a faculty member to view all course requests for his current advisees, confirm the Current advisor checkbox is marked on the Bio 1 tab of the record in Records - Faculty/Staff and the appropriate schools are marked on the Restrictions 1 tab
  5. Write down how the students will be grouped, the time frame during which a group can enter requests, what courses they can request, and how many requests they can enter
  6. If needed, create queries to group students (such as by grade level or core curriculum) and courses (such as by department, grade level, or course type)
  7. Define as many security groups as needed based on the rights you want to grant to faculty. The three possibilities are:
    • Faculty members that do not have access to course requests
    • Faculty members that can view course requests
    • Faculty members that can view and approve course requests
  8. Provide information about NetClassroom to students and relations.