You can print class notes on report cards and transcripts. Class notes appear before comments.
  1. In Mail, Forms, open the report card or transcript parameters
  2. Select the Details tab
  3. Open the Courses section
  4. Select the Class Notes tab
  5. Mark the Show class notes for each course checkbox to print class notes below courses
  6. In the Section heading field, you can enter a heading. Heading text is bold on the report card or transcript.
  7. Mark the Indent checkbox to increase or decrease the indention of the section in increments of .1 inch. The maximum in portrait layout is 7.75 inches. The maximum in landscape layout is 10.25 inches.
  8. Mark the Suppress blank comment rows checkbox to prevent blank rows for courses without class notes
  9. Mark the Label class notes with marking column checkbox to add a column before the class note listing the marking column associated with the note. You can label the marking column with the short or long description.
  10. In the Use [ ] inches of the [ ] inches of the available space for the marking column description field, enter the amount of space to allow for the marking column description. You must use this field if you mark the Label class notes with marking column checkbox.
  11. If you marked the Include information for outside schools attended during the year checkbox on the Details tab, you can mark the Print comments for transfer courses checkbox