1. In Configuration, click NetClassroom and select Customize. 
  2. In the Replace 'NetClassroom' with field, you can enter a name or abbreviation to replace NetClassroom on all the pages, such as Blackbaud Academy or NetBB
    Note: To reset the heading to NetClassroom, delete the value in this field. 
  3. If you change the name, you can also give users a URL with the customized name (such as http:///NetBB) if you rename the NetClassroom7 virtual directory on the server. 
  4. In Replace logo with field.
    Note: To reset the logo to the NetClassroom logo, delete the value in this field 
  5. In the Enter the URL of your school's home page (including the http://prefix) field, enter the address of your schools website. This sets the NetClassroom logo as a link to your website. To create the link, you must enter the complete URL, including the http:// prefix, such as http://www.blackbaudacademy.org
    Note: If you do not link the NetClassroom logo to your Web site, users return to the NetClassroom login page if they click the logo 
  6. In the Colors to Use box, you can set the colors of various items in NetClassroom. In the Color column for each type of item, you can select a color by either clicking the down arrow or the color palette. 
  7. In the Additional Links box, you can list websites to appear in the Additional Links section of users' Home pages in NetClassroom.
    The websites appear in the order they appear in this grid.
    • In the Text column, enter the text to proceed the website link. For example, enter "For Class pages:" 
    • In the Web address column, enter the URL for the website link beginning with a prefix of http://, https://, ftp://, or mailto://.
      For example, enter http://www.blackbaud.com/classpages.
      Note: When you leave the Customize page, your settings are saved automatically