Blackbaud recommends referring to the Canada Revenue Agency website for the most up-to-date information on information that is required when issuing receipts.

Users may also click here to go directly to the CRA page that outlines exactly what information must appear on donation receipts.

It is the charity's responsibility to ensure that the required information is displayed on donation receipts. Some of the information that should appear on all receipts includes:
  1. Charity address
  2. Charity BN/Registration #
  3. Description of property (if applicable).  Custom receipts should be used for any gifts that have this information, as the value is likely to be stored as an attribute or the gift reference.
  4. Location receipt issued
  5. Authorized signature (The signature of an individual who is authorized by the charity to acknowledge donations. This can be a computer-generated or electronic signature and can be preprinted on the form.)
  6. Canada Revenue Agency and Web site: Canada Revenue Agency

Note: For the Preprinted Receipts, Benefits Amount (Total for Gift) and Amount Received are available on the Fields to Include tab.  If these fields are selected, they only print if the benefit amount is greater than $0.00. For the Custom Receipts, Benefits Amount (Total for Gift) is available on the Fields to Include tab.

Note: Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency Web site for the latest news, including sample forms to assist charities creating their receipt templates.

Note: Here is a link to another helpful Canada Revenue Agency page that discusses issuing receipts.

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