1. In Registrar's Office, choose Configuration and click NetClassroom
  2. Select Registration Setup
  3. In the Check for the following exceptions when entering requests/enrollments box, mark checkboxes for the exceptions the program should check when students are entering their requests in NetClassroom

    Note: Students cannot override the exceptions you mark
  4. In the Display course using field, select Course ID, Course Name, or Course ID - Course Name

  5. In the Department heads are designated with field, select which position is considered a department head


    • You define positions in the Position table in Configuration
    • Department heads can access all student requests for courses in their department
    • More than one faculty member can be designated as the department head for a department
    • A faculty member can be the department head of multiple departments
  6. In the Sort/requests enrollments by field, select Department, Course ID, Course Name, or Course Type

    Note: This determines how information is sorted in NetClassroom and when viewing requests by student in Faculty Access for the Web
    Department heads are designated with field
  1. In the setup grid, you define access to the Registration page in NetClassroom for a school, academic year, and session. Click New on the action bar.
  2. Select the School, Academic year, and Session.

    setup grid  

  3. In the Instructions for registration page box, enter the text to appear in NetClassroom. You can enter hyperlinks in the instructions.
    Note: To enter a hyperlink, you must begin with the applicable prefix, such as http://, https://, ftp://, or mailto:
  1. In the Students can field, select enter requests or enroll in classes depending on preference
    1. Enter Request will allow students to enter request. This may be ideal preference for K-12 schools.
    2. Enroll in Classes will allow students to enroll directly in classes. This may be an ideal preference for colleges.
  2. To display credit information in NetClassroom, mark the Show credit information for courses selected checkbox
  3. To add a group of students to the setup, click New Group on the action bar

    new group

  4. On the New Group screen, in the Group name field, enter a name for the group
  5. In the Start date and End date fields, enter the date range that the students can access the selected academic year and session in NetClassroom. 
  6. If you selected "enter requests" in the "Students can:" field on the first Setup screen, you will see the Maximum number of requests field. Enter the maximum amount of requests that a student can enter.

    • The number you enter should include mandatory course requests
    • The number you enter should include the rows you enter in the Requests for Students to Enter grid on this screen
    • A main request with an alternate request counts as one request
    • A global alternate counts as one request
  7. Mark the Can enter checkbox if students can enter alternate requests. Then select if students can enter main alternates only, global alternates only, or both main and global alternates.
  8. In the Students are restricted to the following courses field, you can select a course query so students can request courses only within that query. If you do not select a query, students can request any course associated with the selected school with restrictions defined for the selected academic year and session.
  9. In Relations can approve/view information from [ ] to [ ], enter the date range that the students' relations can view and approve requests in NetClassroom
  10. In the students grid, you can filter the students included in the group. Note: Students must have Student Progression Entries for the selected school, academic year, and session to be included. Without a progression entry for the registration year, students will not be able to register for classes. The Current Grade field is looking at the Current Grade present on their Bio1 tab.
  11. In the next grid, you can set up specific requests to appear for students to select.
  12. In the Text column, enter the text to appear on the page. For example, Enter math request
  13. In the Include column, choose Selected, and select the courses that comprise the students' options
  14. Click OK to return to the New Group screen
  15. Click OK to return to the New Setup screen
  16. Click Save and Close to save the setup and return to the Registration Setup page 

Note: When you leave the Registration Setup page, your settings are saved automatically