1. In Registrar's Office, open Configuration, and click NetClassroom
  2. Select Announcements
  3. In the Start Display column, enter the first day to display the
  4. In the End Display column, enter the last date to display the
    announcement. The announcement stops appearing the day after the date
    you enter.
  5. In the Name column, enter the name of the announcement. For example,
    enter Report Cards
  6. In the Announcement column, enter the text of the announcement, such as message to appear.
  7. In the Include column, select whether the announcement should appear
    for all or selected schools. If you choose Selected, the Selected Schools
    screen appears so you can select the schools.
  8. To move a school into the Include these schools box, select the school
    and click the right arrow
  9. Click OK

Note: When you leave the Announcements page, your announcements are saved automatically