Create an exception in the firewall or proxy server for the URL s and ensure ports 443 and 80 are open. If necessary, you can also PING the URL s to use the IP address, although this is not the recommended method because the IP address is subject to change.

To test connectivity, download and run the Ping.exe utility:

  1. Download
  2. Extract (BB546) the Ping.exe file from the ZIP file
  3. Double-click Ping.exe
  4. Select Extension Server from the Server drop-down list
  5. Click Ping
  6. Verify it returns the message Ping Successful
  7. Select WealthPoint Server from the Server drop-down list
  8. Click Ping
  9. Verify it returns the message Ping Successful

A failed ping indicates that there is a firewall or proxy setting which is blocking ports 80/443 inbound and outbound connections and preventing the workstation from performing searches. Open these ports in order to allow the ping and searches to succeed.

If the Data Health Center is unable to send your file via FTP due to fire wall or internet connection issues, a prompt appears giving you the opportunity to save the export file it is trying to send. The prompt allows you to browse to a location on your computer to save the export file. After you've saved your export file, click Chat with Support and reference this article to discuss transferring your file to Blackbaud.