1. In Payroll Processing, create calculations.
  2. On the processing complete screen, click View Results.
  3. On the Payroll Calculation Batch [number] screen, highlight the employee to be adjusted and click Open.
  4. Select the Tax Settings tab and highlight Federal Tax Settings or State Income Tax Settings.
  5. Enter the amount to adjust in the Withholding adjustment field:
    • Enter a positive number to increase tax withholding
    • Enter a negative number to decrease tax withholding
      Note: The amount of the negative adjustment cannot be more than the withholding amount for the calculation. If you need to decrease the withholding amount more than the amount withheld on the calculation, you must use a historic entry.
  6. Click Save and Close.
  7. On the Payroll Calculation for [Employee Name} screen, select the Calculation Summary tab, and verify the Current and YTD amounts are correct.
  8. Click Save and Close.
  9. Print payroll checks.
  10. Run the Adjusted Gross Wage Report to verify the change.