Changes in Registrar's Office Configuration are not reflected in NetClassroom

When a user makes changes in Registrar's Office Configuration, the changes are not reflected in NetClassroom.  For example, the user added or edited information for groups in Configuration, NetClassroom, Registration or added a new table entry in Configuration, Tables, Departments and the new information is not reflected when logging into NetClassroom after saving the changes.

Possible Causes:
  • The changes were entered less than 20 minutes ago.  After 20 minutes, the instructions should appear because the NetClassroom server cache on the web server has had enough time to refresh and reflect changes that have been made in Registrar's Office.
  • Cache setting in web.config defaults to being set to refresh at 60 minutes which means changes are only updated every 60 minutes
If the change was made less than 20 minutes ago:
Log out of NetClassroom, wait a minimum of 20 minutes, and then log back in to see if the new changes appear. 

If the change was made more than 20 minutes ago, you have confirmed the change was correct, and the database is on a version earlier than 7.60.250, patch 17, download and install the latest version and cumulative patch for NetClassroom (BB234908) and take the following steps after installing the patch:
  1. Browse out to the NC7 folder and open the web.config file
  2. Under the CacheExpiration setting, add the following line in the <appSettings> section:

    <add key="CacheCheckInterval" value="30" />

  3. Under the <system.web> section, add the following block:

    <add name="BackgroundCacheService" type="Blackbaud.Web.FE.NC7.BackgroundCacheService,Blackbaud.Web.FE.NC7" />

Alternative solution:

Restart IIS (will affect any other web product on the server)


Set NetClassroom web.config to clear cache more often:

Note: Only recommended during initial setup.  If server has to constantly clear the cache, you will see performance degradation.
  1. On the web server, browse out to the NC7 folder
  2. Open the Web.Config file in Notepad
  3. Go to the <add key="CacheExpiration" value="60" /> line in the 3rd section
  4. Change the value="60" to a smaller number.  The number listed here is the number of minutes before the system refreshes.


 7.60.250, patch 17

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