If a relation cannot view course requests for a student in NetClassroom, follow these steps in order until the issue is resolved:


  1. If the relation can view the Registration page for some students, but not a specific student, confirm the relation is marked to View NetClassroom on the student record in Records
  2. Confirm the student is included in a NetClassroom group
    • In Configuration, click NetClassroom and select Registration Setup
    • Open the record for the appropriate school, academic year, and session
    • In the grid at the bottom of the screen, open each group to determine if the student is included
    • If necessary, add the student to the appropriate group
  3. Confirm the relation has rights to view course requests on the current date by looking at the date range entered for relations in the group defined in the Registration Setup section in Configuration - NetClassroom


  4. Confirm the student's status matches one of the statuses marked in the Scheduling section of the Configuration - Business Rules page
  5. Verify the system date for the Web server is correct
  6. If you have made changes (such as to the relations' date range), determine if enough time has elapsed for the cache to clear. By default, the cache clears in 60 minutes. You can edit this in the NetClassroom web.config file. Under appSettings, change the value specified in the following setting to a lower number (such as 10): add key="CacheExpiration" value="60"


    Or, stop and restart the IIS Admin Service

    • Save a copy of the web.config file before you edit it so you can easily restore it if needed
    • Changing the CacheExpiration value can impact NetClassroom performance