This error occurs when the membership was submitted and was in the plugin when changes were made to the benefit text in the benefits table in The Raiser's Edge. The membership form is looking to match the benefit text exactly. The benefit that was submitted with the membership form is now different than the benefit text that is in the benefits table.

In order to process the membership transaction, verify the text in the benefit table attached to the membership has not been changed. Change the text back to the original value if possible. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Log in to The Raiser's Edge
  2. Click on Config
  3. Click on Tables
  4. Open the Benefits Table
  5. Double click the benefit that was changed
  6. Change the text back to exactly what it was previously
  7. Click OK
For example:
Benefit: BirthDate
Changed the Benefit text to: Birth Date

The transaction will not process until the benefit text is changed exactly back to the way it was previously. In the example above, the benefit will need to be changed back to BirthDate in order for the membership transaction to process. Once the benefit text has been changed back, the transaction will process as normal. 

We recommend processing all transactions in the NetCommunity plugin before making changes to the tables in The Raiser's Edge.  

If you cannot remember what the Benefit text was originally:

Manually process the transaction and add the information into the record in The Raiser's Edge.