The default country shown in the country dropdown for payments on forms depends on the culture settings of the NetCommunity web config file. Typically, if your organization is hosted in a United States, the default country may be United States. If you're hosted in Canada, it may be United States. To determine which datacenter you're hosted in. First, for example, if United States is not showing as the default country, please verify that it is spelled correctly, and does not have any additional capital letters.  In order for NetCommunity to recognize this as the Default Country, the record in Raiser's Edge must appear as :  United States. Use the long description for the country as defined in The Raiser's Edge under Configuration > International or in CRM under Administration > Countries and States.

If Blackbaud Hosts your NetCommunity Database, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
  • An example URL that shows the current country from the dropdown
  • The country you would like to be default in the dropdown
If your organization hosts your NetCommunity Database, please consult with your IT department and provide them with the following information:
  • How to change the culture setting
  • In addition to the article above, they may need to perform the following:
    • add the following line of code in the <appSettings> section of the the Web.Config files in the NetCommunity folder on the web server:
<add key="DefaultCountry" value="Canada" />
  • You may need to recycle the BBNC/BBIS app pool after the change for it to take effect.