1. Create a data file that includes at least the required fields

    Note: Import can be used to create an import file with the required fields.

    The required fields for importing adjustments are:
    • Category
    • Date
    • Type
    • Amount
    • Reference
    • Post Status
    • Post Date
    • Note: If projects are required to balance in the database, Percent will be required in order to import the adjustment distribution.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Administration
  3. Click Import records
  4. Select Adjustments and click New Import
  5. Select the Import new records option
  6. In the Import file field, browse to the location of the import file
  7. In the Use [ ] to match records in the import file with existing records field, select the record ID contained in the import file.
  8. In the What is the format of this import file? frame, mark Delimited or
    Fixed Width.
  9. Select the appropriate options on the File Layout tab, click Next
  10. The first row of data from your import file appears in the Field to Import column. Manually map the field data to their equivalents in the Financial Edge Import Field column.
  11. Review information in the Import Summary Information frame. If you
    are satisfied with the set parameters, click Import Now.