The following example shows how to set up a fundraiser which lets participants create and join teams under any one of 3 Corporate Sponsors, each of which are at the highest level and cannot be joined directly. This is one example used to illustrate how it can be done. Your actual fundraiser levels and configuration may vary depending on how your organization configures your fundraiser.

    • Configure the solicitors in The Raiser's Edge fund to include three teams that represent the corporate sponsors. These are placed at the highest level. You can also create teams under the Corporate Sponsors if you already know what they will be, which lets participants join those. If you do this, you will want to add team captain for those teams in this section as well. Once team sign-up transactions are processed in the NetCommunity plug-in, they will show up under each corporate sponsor (Company A, B or C) below.


    • In the NetCommunity Fundraiser part, select the appropriate Raiser's Edge Fund to synchronize with and click Synchronize
    • Click Next and click Add Level
    • Set the Team Levels to something similar to what is shown below. Unmark the Allow Create checkbox to prevent joining the highest level and mark only only the checkbox for the level below, named Team in the example below.
    • Complete the remaining Fundraiser Part options and save it

      Fundraiser Part options

    • When registering for the Fundraiser online, the options below are present based on the settings in the Fundraiser part.

      join as individual, existing team or new team

    • Join existing team: Takes you to a search page to choose "join" to join that team. The example below has joins on the same team twice. These join the same team. It is just listing the team with the existing participants and the team name itself.

      example has joins on the same team twice

    • Create a new team: Choosing this option allows you to choose one of the companies set up in the Raiser's Edge to create a team under. Note that it says "Corporate Sponsor" for the level.

      Create a new team

    • The next page allows you to create the new team name and then continue with the typical Team Fundraiser registration process and manage your team from your Team Fundraiser page.
    • Navigating to Company A's Team Page: Shows the team you created under Company A.

      Company A's Team Page

    • The following image shows what the Team Fundraiser Dashboard looks like, with one team created under Company A and the one participant, John Young, that is on that team.

      Team Fundraiser Dashboard