1. Ensure the individuals or organizations to be added as joint members have relationship records on the constituent record of the members. If they do not, add the relationship records.
  2. Create a query of the memberships to which the joint members are to be added.
  3. Create a membership card import file in CSV (commas separated values) format based on the query created in step 2.
  4. On the Fields tab, select the fields required for a membership card import, particularly the following fields:

    Membership Import ID (MEImpID)
    Card Import ID (MECardImpID)
    Joint Member (MECardJoint)
    Name (MECardNm)
    Relationship Import ID (MECardRelImpID)
  5. Once the import file is created, open the file in Excel.
  6. Remove the value under MECardImpID.
  7. Add the relationship's import ID under MECardRelImpID and name under MECardNm
  8. Change the value from FALSE to TRUE under MECardJoint
  9. Save the file as .CSV.
  10. Import the CSV file using a membership card import.
  11. On the General tab, select Import new records under What do you want to do?.