Version 7.70 allows you the ability to set specific relationship types as the default payers. As long as the business rules are set up in Student Billing to mark certain relationships as payers, it will default those records when the Student Billing view is created (through enrollment). This is meant as a default and users should always review the payers tab when in Student Billing.

We recommend selecting at MOST 2 relationship types as it will split the payers tab % responsible based on the relationships that fit the criteria. Always confirm the payers tab on the student records after enrolling.

Ex. If Mother and Father are the relationships types set for payers, both are added to the Relationships tab, and then the student is enrolled, the mother and father will each be 50% responsible.

1. Select Student Billing Configuration.
2. Select Business Rules.
3. Highlight Student and ensure Assign all charges to a payers account is selected.
4. Under Mark the following relationships as payers, choose any relationship types that should be considered when choosing payers (ex. Father or Mother).
5. Under Statement Recipients, check the box for any relationship types that should be marked as recipients by default.
6. In Admissions/Registrar's office, begin adding the student and when enrolling the student, the relationship types that fit the criteria will automatically be added to the Payers and Statements tabs in Student Billing.