1. From an open student record, select the Notes tab
  2. Click New Note on the action bar
  3. On the New Note screen, accept the current date or enter a new date in the Date field
  4. In the Title field, you can enter a title for the note
  5. In the Type field, select a notepad type, such as Advisor's Notes, Headmaster's Notes, Teacher's Notes, or Coach's Notes
  6. In the Author field, select your user name
  7. In the Description field, enter a description for the note

    Note: Press F7 to open a text box for the description
  8. In the text box, enter notes to associate with the student record

    Note: You can use the formatting options on the toolbar to format your note. For example, use select to bold, underline, and/or italicize text. You can also determine the text alignment, such as left aligned or centered.
  9. With the cursor in the text box, select Tools, Spelling from the menu bar to check the spelling of the note
  10. With a word highlighted in the text box, select Tools, Thesaurus from the menu bar to find a synonym for a word
  11. Press F5 to insert a time stamp
  12. To ensure the note can be printed on transcripts and report cards, mark the Print on transcript and Print on report card checkboxes
  13. To save the note and return to the Notes tab, click Save and Close

If you wish to keep the notes confidential, you will need a faculty member with Admin rights to set up a security group and limit access to a note type of your choice. Only faculty assigned to that security group will be able to add, view and edit the notes.

  1. On the Administration page, click Setup system security.
  2. Create a new security group or open an existing one.
  3. In the System Components box, select Registrar's Office or Admission's Office.
  4. In the Privileges box, select Records and click Options on the action bar.
  5. Select the appropriate Record Type and, in the Privileges box.
  6. In the first row mark the View, Add, Edit, and Delete checkboxes to grant or unmark to restrict privileges.
  7. In the Notes row mark the View, Add, Edit, and Delete checkboxes to grant or unmark to restrict privileges.
  8. For example to restrict the entire group to only have privileges for Notes only mark the View, Add, and Edit checkboxes in the Notes row.
  9. In the Miscellaneous Options box, unmark all checkboxes.
  10. Click OK and then Save and Close.

Note: For the new rights to take effect for the members of an existing user group, the users must log out of the database and then log back in.