You can document a student's conduct and results of the infraction on the Conduct tab


  1. From an open student record, select the Conduct tab.
  2. Click New Conduct Incident on the action bar.
  3. In the Infraction and Date fields, select an infraction and enter the date the incident occurred.
  4. If you have multiple schools defined, in the School field, select the school at which the incident occurred.
  5. In the Reported by and Location fields, select the faculty/staff member reporting the incident and the location in which the incident occurred.
  6. In the Consequences grid, in the Consequence and Date columns, select the consequence of the infraction and enter the date the consequence is to occur.
  7. In the Time From and Time To columns, enter the start and end times of the consequence.
  8. In the Status column, select the status of the consequence, such as Served, Pending, or Dismissed.
  9. In the Assigned To column, click the binoculars to select a faculty/staff member.

    Note: In order for a faculty/staff member to appear on the Open screen, the Assign conduct checkbox must be marked on the Bio 1 tab of the faculty/staff record.
  10. In the Location column, click the binoculars to select the room or school area in which the consequence is to occur.
  11. In the Units column, enter the number of units the student must complete, for example, the number of detention days.
  12. If the incident warrants a letter, you can print a letter for the student with information about the conduct:
    • To print a predefined conduct letter, in the Conduct letter field, select a letter format and click the Letter button.
    • To print a quick letter, click the Letter button. Word opens to a document with student information merged into the heading. The rest of the document is blank so you can create a custom letter.
  13. On the Word document toolbar, you can click Save this document to the conduct to save the letter to the database with the conduct record.

    Note: If you save a letter to an conduct, a Word icon appears in the status bar of the conduct record.
  14. To close the letter and return to the conduct record, click Return to Conduct for [student name].
  15. You can mark the Letter sent on checkbox and enter a date.