Try each these steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Open Records, Students or Individuals, and open the appropriate record
  2. Select the Addresses tab
  3. Ensure the address to print on the statement is marked as Primary if appropriate
  4. Highlight the address to print on the statements and click Open
  5. On the General tab, mark the Synchronize with individual address fields checkbox
  6. Select the Attributes tab and ensure No Mail is not selected for this address
  7. Select Detail tab to ensure there is no valid until date, or that the valid until date is before the statement date
  8. Ensure the Address format is correct (no unneeded spaces)
  9. Establish a link between the payer and the student addresses by deleting the existing address and using Copy from to readd the address and link it to the relation
  10. Save and close the record
  11. Open Mail and open the statement parameters
  12. Select the Address tab
  13. For If no address is found, select Print specific address
  14. For Use, select the appropriate address to use, such as Primary address
  15. Create a new statement