For a single gift:
  1. Adjust the payment gift to zero (to keep a record) or delete the payment gift (if you do not wish to keep the original payment record)
  2. Recreate the gift  
  3. Apply the gift to the appropriate pledge, recurring gift transaction, or planned gift

For multiple gifts:

  1. Create a Gift query for desired gifts.
  2. Run the Unpost Gifts Utility based on the query created in step 1.
  3. Apply the gifts to the pledges/recurring gift in question.
  4. Use the query created in step 1 to globally mark the gifts as Posted.

If you do not interface with Blackbaud's General Ledger or another accounting package, you may run the Unpost Gifts plug-in to globally change the Post Status from Posted to Not Posted. Gifts with a post status of Not Posted are included the next time gifts are posted to the General Ledger in Administration. If you post to an accounting package, this could cause duplicate entries in the accounting package. 

Note: This plug-in does not unpost gift adjustments, which can cause reconciling issues if any gift adjustments were ever posted to an accounting software. If that's the case, follow these steps to unpost gifts with adjustments.