*Note* The special "- Donate" page referenced below is one of 3 special pages created alongside every Fundraiser in NetCommunity. These special pages are only viewable in the NetCommunity link picker and reference different functions of a Fundraiser that a user might need.

1. Create a Formatted Text and Images part on the page.
2. Enter text or an image that will become the link.
3. Highlight the text or image and click the Link button in the toolbar. The Create Page Link window appears.
4. Under the first section to link to a NetCommunity Page, click the link to select a page.
5. Search for pages containing a Fundraiser part. The page with your fundraiser will appear 4 times with different subsections under each.
6. Click the radio button for the selection ending in “– Donate”. This is the link to the donation form of the fundraiser.
7. Click OK twice to leave these dialog boxes.
8. Save and Close the Formatted Text and Images part. The link to the donation page now appears.

If you wanted to include a link to allow users to donate to a personal page for the "2010 Gala" you would include a link through the editor for the page "2010 Gala - Donate"