1. Create the import file with the appropriate headers.
  2. Either place it in your Hosting Services Files Folder or save to your local C drive.
  3. Open an import parameter and click the browse button at the end of the Import File field.
    1. This should default to your local C drive, shown as C$ where you can navigate and select the file.
    2. If you have uploaded the file to the Files Folder, click the down arrow on the right of the Look In box on the Select Import File screen.
      In the drop down list select your Hosting login name followed by the Files Folder, which will show as your Site ID followed by $.
      For example, if your Site ID is 1234 then this will show as 1234$.

      See Select Import File in Hosting - a short video that shows how to navigate from the default local C drive to the Files Folder where the example Hosting login name is Anne-Marie.Daly2 and the Site ID is 5740.
  4. Select the appropriate import options and import the records.

Note: See How to export directly from Blackbaud Hosting Services for more information on using the local C drive or Files Folder when exporting data