• Course Import ID
  • Restrictions Academic Year ID
  • Restrictions Session ID (session name)
  • Restrictions Length in terms
  • Start Terms Term ID (first Term that the course will be scheduled in)    
 NOTE: Use multiple times if more than one term is set in the Academic Year and course not a full year long course and can be scheduled for only one
  • Term Restrictions Allow partial requests (yes or no)
  • Restrictions Track class attendance (yes or no)
  • Restrictions Restrict by (Pattern or Meeting)
  • Restrictions Keep meetings in same room (yes or no)
  • Restrictions Pattern (Pattern Name)
  • Restrictions Base number of meetings on ('Use Pattern values' or' Specific Value')
  • Restrictions Number of meetings (used if above is set to 'Specific Value')
  • Restrictions Each class must use a different block (yes or no)
  • Meetings Number of meetings (Used if 'Restrict by' set to Meeting)
  • Meetings Length in periods (Used if 'Restrict by' set to Meeting)
  • Meetings Length in minutes (Used if 'Restrict by' set to Meeting)
NOTE: There is no need to include information for both Meetings Length in periods and Meetings Length in minutes. The Meetings Length in Minutes is determined if you have not selected to Allow class meetings to occur only using periods in the timetable being used.
In order to find out which field to import, do the following: 
  1. Go to Records, Courses
  2. Open a course record, select the Restrictions 2 tab, and open an academic year
  3. Open an academic year's Restrictions information
  4. Under restrict by Meeting, you will see a filed for Number of Meetings and a field for Length in Periods OR Length in Minutes

For more information, refer to How to import into The Education Edge - The Basics of Importing (BB135422)