You can generate automatic transactions, such as Charges, Advance Deposits, and Financial Aid, at any time. The only condition is that the Transaction Date must fall within the valid dates for the billing item.
    Note: If your transaction amounts vary by grade, you may need to add a student progression entry to student records for the next academic year (BB138059) before generating transactions, or generate the transactions based on next year's grades. To generate billing items based on next year's grades:
    • If Registrar's Office is installed:
      1. Open Configuration and click Academic Years
      2. Open next years Academic Year and note the start date of your next year's progression entries
      3. During automatic transaction generation (BB203516), in the For grade-based billing, use the students grade as of field, enter a date which falls in the next academic year.

    • If Registrar's Office is not installed, mark the For grade-based billing,
      use student's next grade

    To generate fees for the next billing year during current billing year:

    For example, if your next academic year starts September 1, 2015, and you want to send out the first statement on May 15, and have the first payment due June 15:

    • Generate transactions for the 2015/2016 year
    • Use a statement date of May 15
    • Use a transaction date of September 15
    • Use a due date of June 1

      Note: To avoid reconciliations issues, we recommend the post date be assigned to the same fiscal period as the transaction date.

    • To show these transactions on statements, print them with a transaction cut off date of September 15
    • To explain the discrepancy between transaction date and due date, include a statement message.