1. In Administration, select Setup System Security.
  2. Open the appropriate security group.
  3. On the Group Privileges tab select Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, or Student Billing.
  4. Under the privileges on the right, mark the checkbox for Records.
  5. With Records highlighted, click Options.
  6. To give a user rights to delete a deposit, mark the checkbox for Deposits under Records, and mark the Delete. checkbox in the detail for Deposits on the right.
    To give a user rights to delete a payment, mark the checkbox for Payments under Records, and mark the Delete checkbox in the detail for Payments on the right.
    Note: To restrict a user's rights to delete Deposits and/or Payments, unmark the options listed above.
  7. Click OK when finished.
  8. Repeat for each applicable installed product as needed (Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, and Student Billing).
  9. Click Save and Close to exit the group.
    Note: Users must exit and sign out and log back in before the security changes will take effect.