If the computer name of the server that contains the SQL Server has been changed, database maintenance routines that existed under the old computer name cannot be added, deleted or modified. Microsoft requires that the name of this computer must be changed back to the old computer name to allow the maintenance to be modified. For more information, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 281642.

Contact your network administrator for assistance with changing the server name and resolving any network issues associated with a server name change. Troubleshooting issues related to a server name change is beyond our Scope of Support.

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Alternative solution:

Note: All network issues related to the server name change must be addressed by your network administrator in order for the following steps to work. Simply following these steps alone is not enough to allow workstations to connect to a new server name.

  1. Detach all databases and choose to delete associated database maintenance jobs 
  2. Change the name of the server to the new server name, then re-attach the databases
  3. Re-add any scheduled database maintenance and backups
  4. Point the workstations to the server with the new name or manually update the workstations by running setup.exe from the deploy package on the server