Follow these instructions to print Form W-2:

  1. Log into The Financial Edge and select Payroll 
  2. In Mail, click State and Federal Tax Reports.
  3. Highlight Federal Tax Reports and click New.
  4. Select [fiscal year] W-2 in the Report Name field.
  5. Select the reporting period and year.
  6. On the Filters tab, define any appropriate filters.
  7. Select File, Save As from the menu bar and save this mailing with an appropriate name.
  8. Click Display Report to display the previously saved report or to access the Form W-2 Wizard.
  9. If prompted, click Yes to install the mandatory quarterly update.
  10. The Form W-2 Wizard:
    Note: If you already started your W-2s, you can select to continue working on your existing work file. If you do not start a new file, any changes or adjustments you made to employee records are not included in your W-2s.
    1. If you are starting a new file:
      1. On the Work In-Progress screen mark the Start working on a new file option and click Next.
      2. The Expectations screens outlines the W-2 process. Review it before proceeding.
      3. Click Finish.
      1. On the Work In-Progress screen mark the Continue working with the existing work file option and click Next.
      2. On the Previously Processed Form screen mark the Continue with creating a new file option and click Next.
      3. Select the items to be included on the Select State and Local Tax Items screen. Click Next.
      4. The Expectations screens outlines the W-2 process. Review it before proceeding and click Print Checklist to print the checklist if you want to keep a copy. Click Finish.
  11. The W-2 Preparer
    • The W-2 information transfers from the program into the W-2 preparer grid. You can make edits directly to this screen for most columns.
      Important: Changes made to this screen are not written to the Employee record. You must make adjustments on the employee's record or the activity will not match the W-2. We recommend making changes to the Employee's record before preparing your W-2s.
    • The columns in the left section of the grid include employee biographical information such as name, address, and Employee ID.
      The right section includes the wage and tax information. To move the divider to allow greater access to either section, place your cursor on the gray bar between sections until the arrows appear. Click and drag the bar left or right.
    • Data columns with green headers indicate the payroll item is already linked to the appropriate W-2 box. Green column headers cannot be edited, although you can edit the data in these columns.
    • Data columns with red headers indicate the payroll item requires manual linking. You can edit column title and can manually link the data to the appropriate boxes by selecting the box from the column's submenu.

    • Some data columns may be undefined. To link them to boxes, click the header and select the appropriate box from the submenu

  12. Preparing Your W-2s:
    1. From within the form, review and finalize your information. Click Next Step when you have finished verifying the items on the checklist. Click Previous Step to return to the previous item. You can select File, Save from the menu bar at any time to save any changes made during this process.
    2. After you have completed verifying all the items on the Checklist, click Next Step to access the Process W-2 Filing Wizard. Click Next.
    3. In the Company Info frame, verify the information is correct and complete any required fields.
    4. In the W-3 Information frame, enter the appropriate information for your organization and click Next.
    5. Mark the appropriate Control number option for your organization and click Next.
    6. Mark whether to eFile, Print or Skip each copy of the form and click Next.
      Note: It is essential that you print and review your data. Mistakes are often easier to see on paper.
    7. Select the states you want to file with and click Next.
    8. In the State Information grid, verify, enter or edit the state ID and click Next.
    9. The forms that will be processed display in the grid. Click Finish.
    10. The State and Federal Tax Reports screen appears. Follow the directions in the action bar and click Next Step to proceed to the next step, or Print Draft or Print Final to print a copy of this form.
    11. On the Print screen, make any necessary changes and Click OK.

    W-2 Demonstration