1. In Records, open the employee's record
  2. Select the Activity tab
  3. Select to view Unpaid Calculations
  4. Open the calculation and edit it.
    For example, if federal taxes are underwithheld for this particular calculation, select the Tax Settings tab. Highlight the type of tax to change in this example, highlight Federal tax settings, then enter the amount to adjust withholding in the Withholding Adjustment field.
  5. Save the calculation. Click No to if you do not want to make the changes permanent.
Note: If your calculation was created in a Time Sheet Batch, you can add additional pay types, deductions, benefits, or tax withholding adjustments, and change the GL Distribution. To make any other changes, such as the hours and rate, you must:


  1. Delete the calculation
  2. Create a new batch
  3. Recreate the calculation