For Raiser's Edge 7.95 and above, SQL Server 2008 (100) database compatibility is recommended. 

SQL Server 2005 (90) database compatibility level is supported on version 7.92.5508 of The Raiser's Edge.   During the database revision process, The Raiser's Edge updates the database compatibility level to SQL Server 2005 (90) if the database is on SQL Server 2000 (80) compatibility level.

Prior to The Raiser's Edge 7.92.5508, Blackbaud did not test our SQL Server 2005 compatibility versions with SQL Server 2005 (90) compatibility level and cannot guarantee that older version for The Raiser's Edge or our products are compatible with this level. Databases connected to SQL Server 2005 instances must be set to compatibility level 80 if you are using a version of The Raiser's Edge earlier than 7.92.5508.

The installation or configuration of SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition is beyond our scope of support.

Refer to Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Books Online, post a question to the Database Administrator/Technical forum, or contact a qualified technical consultant for assistance.