1. Click Manage Matching Gifts in the Matching Gift Linking field in the plug-in. Alternately, press F7 key.  
  2. Click the ellipsis button (...) next to Matching Gift Company field
  3. If the organization is an existing constituent:
    1. Select organization from the list
    2. Click Open
  4. If the organization does not exist:
    1. Click Add New > Organization to add the new record
      Note: A constituent record must exist for the Matching Gift organization.  If you have a non-constituent relationship existing for the Matching Gift organization, instead of creating a new Matching Gift organization record, you can alternatively exit the Blackbaud NetCommunity module in The Raiser's Edge and add the relationship as a constituent in The Raiser's Edge before completing the steps above to match the gift.
    2. Confirm correct information for the Organization and click Save & close
    3. Check the box Add this company as an organization relationship for [Constituent Name]
  5. Click OK on the Matching Gift Pledges window 

Once this is done for Matching gifts in the plug-in, you will be able to process the gifts.  

Note: If there are two similar organization names when pressing F7 (for example, Blackbaud and an incomplete record Blackbau) and you are adding additional matching gift pledges, ensure that the partial organization constituent name is unmarked to avoid receiving the error for each additional matching gift pledge.

Note: The constituent must be listed as a relationship on the organization's record in order to process.