The Attendance Taken Report shows classes or homerooms for which attendance
was taken or not taken during a specific range of time. 

  1. In Reports, select Attendance Reports
  2. Select Attendance Taken Report and click New
  3. On the General tab, select the appropriate school
  4. Under Include attendance for these dates frame, select dates to include on the report
  5. For Show, select to include classes with only attendance not taken, only attendance taken, or both

    Note: Selecting both will add an Attendance Taken? column to the report.
  6. If the create an output query checkbox is marked, select Classes or Faculty/Staff for the query of the records included in the report
  7. Select Portrait or Landscape for report Orientation
  8. Filter the report on Classes, Courses, Teachers, Periods or Departments on the Filters tab
  9. On the Format Tab, select Sort Break and choose the fields to sort the report.
  10. Preview or print the report