1. Open Export
  2. Create a new Transaction Export with a format of Excel
  3. Select the Filters Tab
  4. For Transactions, choose Selected
  5. Select the query option and create a transaction query to include only transactions with relevant dates:
    1. Select the Query option and click the binoculars
    2. Click Add new query
    3. On the Criteria tab, expand Transaction and select Post date
    4. Select Between as the Operator and enter the appropriate date range
    5. Save and close the query
    6. Click OK
  6. For Accounts, choose selected and filter on the cash account
  7. Select the Output tab
  8. Expand Batch and select at least batch number and Create bank adjustments
  9. Expand Transaction and select at least Amount
  10. Click Export now
  11. Open the exported file in Excel
  12. Sort the columns by Create Bank adjustments column, then batch number