1. Set up attendance:
    1. Add attendance types in Configuration.
    2. Set up the attendance plan in Configuration.
    3. Add the attendance plan to employees.
    4. If this is the first year you have used an attendance plan, or if you were using another attendance tracking system, enter an initial carryover amount for all attendance types that have a carryover.

  2. To track attendance for employees:
    1. Record attendance used:
      • For hourly employees, pay and record Attendance using timesheets.

        Note: This solution details the additional steps in Configuration you will need to perform to automatically generate the employee attendance records when paying the employees.
      • For salaried employees, or for those pay types where you do not want to automatically generate the employee attendance records, add the attendance record. You can add the records globally or add them manually.
      • Run the Employee Attendance Summary and verify the attendance information.
      • Print the attendance information on the employee pay stub for their records.