1. From the Blackbaud NetCommunity Web Server, navigate to the NetCommunity installation folder then go to ~\Blackbaud\bbappfx\MSBuild
  2. Double-click on the executable bbAppFx.Config.
  3. Select the option for RunServiceRevisions from the column on the left.
  4. In the SQLConnectString field enter the SQL Server ConnectString and click OK. If you are not logged in as a Windows User with administrator rights over the NetCommunity SQL Server box, remove the 'Integrated Security=SSPI' section of the SQL Server Connect String and replace this with 'User id=dB_Owner or SA' ;Password=********'. You must enter a SQL User Name and Password that has SYSADMIN rights within SQL Server.
  5. Press Go then click Close once the process has completed

Note: The BBPortalWebUser cannot be used to run database revisions as this user does not have the appropriate permissions to update the database.

Alternate Solution: (To be used if above fails.)

1. Copy MSBuild Folder from Blackbaud NetCommunity Application Server  <Default Location> C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\BBAppFX\MSBuild to location directly on SQL Server

2. Run BBAppFX.Config  from MSBuild folder on SQL Server - Proceed as above.