If the following error appears when sending an email or appears on the test configuration page, perform the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. On the NetCommunity Web Server, attempt to run a repair of the installation
  2. If a repair does not correct the issue, perform an uninstall/reinstall of the Blackbaud Core Components only on the NetCommunity Web Server
    • Note: Once the Core Components have been uninstalled, confirm that the bbappfx folder is not present in IIS before attempting the reinstall
  3. When reinstalling the Blackbaud Core Components, choose to create a new application pool and name it "bbappfx"
  4. Once the Blackbaud Core Components have been reinstalled, attempt to browse to the following URL: http://localhost/bbappfx/appfxwebservice.asmx
    • If a Bad Gateway or a 404 Not Found error appears, continue troubleshooting with the following steps below
  5. Verify the RE7ServiceURL listed in the MailConstructor.exe.config file matches what is listed in the Blackbaud NetCommunity web.config file.