Create a query which groups transactions contained in batches by a specific post date or specific date range:
    1. Click Query on the navigation bar
    2. Create a new transaction query
    3. Expand Transactions and highlight Post date
    4. Click Select
    5. On the Edit Field Criteria screen:
      • For a specific date: Select Equals in the Operator field, <Specific date> in the Date field, and enter the date in the Value field.
      • For a specific date range: Select Between in the operator field, and enter the beginning date in the Value 1 field and ending date in the Value 2 field.
    6. Select the Output tab and expand Transaction detail. Select the fields you would like included in the output of your query, such as: Post date, Transaction amount, Debit/Credit, and Journal reference. To include the batch number, expand Batch and select Batch number.
    7. Select the Sort tab and expand Batch. Highlight Batch number and click Select.
    8. Select the Results tab to view the query results.
    9. Save the query.
    10. Export the query, or save the query for use in an export.