Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. Carefully read all of the instructions listed below before proceeding. If you are new to importing, also refer to How to import - the basics of importing.

Prior to importing, we suggest marking Validate Now on the General tab.: Validating the data will not import the information in the system. This is a test run of the import.

We recommend marking all available checkboxes on the Options/Summary tab.. At the very least, mark the Create control report option.

 This article refers to the general term Record ID.  Record ID is the same as Student ID, Individual ID, Faculty/Staff ID, Organization ID, etc.

1.  Click  Configuration>Attributes to verify that the Attribute exists and note values accepted (e.g. Yes/No)
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2.  Create an Excel File (.CSV Format) containing at minimum of the following column headers in order:

  • Record ID (or Record Import ID)
  • Attribute Type
  •  Attribute Description
  • NOTE: Should you desire to add additional information, some example fields would be Comment  and or  Date
3.  In Administration> Import Records, start a new Attribute Import (under the Record Type).
4.  Mark  Import New Records, Validate Only, Use Record ID (or Record Import ID) and  pick your Data File.
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Select the File Layout tab > Mark the Import File does not contain field names option ONLY if your import file does not have header. If yourImport File contains the field names, mark Fields names are on the first line of the import file. 
  • ​​* Although headers are not required in The Education Edge, we recommend using them. Otherwise, you must manually map the fields in the data file to the corresponding fields in The Education Edge. In Excel, use Text as the column type for any field with leading zeroes. Otherwise, Excel drops the leading zeros.On the Fields tab, map each field from the Excel file with the corresponding system Field on the left side
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6. Select the Fields tab and map the fields 
  • StudentImport ID: Mapped to Import ID which is located in the the Student Section
  • Type (name of the attribute): Mapped to Attribute Type which is located in the Student Attributes Section
  • Description: Mapped to Attribute Description which is located in the Student Attributes
Note: In Student Billing, the ID fields are referred to as Record ID / Record Import ID.

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7. Save the import parameters.
8. Click Validate now (if we marked Validate data only on the general tab) or Import Now