One way to view this in The Education Edge is to post from FAWeb and look at the list of exceptions:

    • In Administration, select Post from FAWEB
    • On the General tab, select the appropriate school, academic year, session, and marking columns to post
    • In the Post the following section, mark one of the checkboxes: Grades, Comments, or Skills
    • On the Filters tab, select the appropriate courses, classes, and/or teachers
    • Click Preprocessing Report

      Note: On the report, "Class not marked as ready to post" appears in the Notes column for each class that is not ready to be posted
    • Scan report to identify classes that are not ready to be posted
    Another way to see the gradebook statuses in The Education Edge is through a query:

    1. Create a new class query
    2. On the Criteria tab, expand Class
    3. Select the Academic Year field, and then choose operator Equals the current academic year
    4. Expand the FAWeb Data field
    5. Select Marking Column, with operator Equals the marking column in question
    6. Select Post status with operator Equals Not Yet Posted
    7. Output tab, select the information you wish to see in your query results about the classes

    To View in FAWeb:

    1. Log in as Supervisor
    2. Gradebook, search for a teacher
    3. After selecting the teacher, Supervisors can view the teacher's gradebook post status as well as change the posting status from Not Ready to Ready