Note: TRP Changes are not retroactive. If you modify a student's fee schedule after generating TRP, the TRP amount does not automatically change. You can modify the TRP schedule (BB269006) to reflect the correct amount, or restore to a backup (BB52243) from before the transaction generation.

    During the generation process:
    1. Ensure you are selecting an option which generates TRP from the Generate drop-down menu
    2. Ensure the appropriate date range is entered in the Base TRP charges on this range field
      For more information, refer to How to generate transactions automatically (BB203516)
    In Configuration:
    1. Click Products and Billing Items
    2. Ensure a TRP Item exists for the current billing year. Only one TRP fee may be defined for each billing year.
    3. Open each fee that should be included in TRP calculations and ensure the Include in TRP calculation checkbox (BB255584) is marked on the Item tab.
      • Only automatic billing items, financial aids, and advance deposits include the option to be included in TRP
      • TRP calculated for a payer's record is reduced by financial aids and advance deposits on their record
      • Including a Refund fee or a fee with a negative balance reduces the TRP amount
    In Records:
    1. Open a student record to be included in TRP
    2. Select the Bio 2 tab
    3. Ensure the Include this student in Tuition Refund Plan checkbox is marked
    4. Select the Activity tab
    5. Select Scheduled Activity from the View drop-down menu
    6. Ensure the fees listed are those marked in Configuration to Include in TRP calculation
    7. Select the Bill Codes tab
    8. Ensure the bill codes listed should be included in the TRP calculation.
    9. Ensure that the start and end date of the bill codes are valid for the fiscal periods for which you are generating.

    Important Considerations:

    • TRP calculations are not limited to generated transactions. TRP includes all charges that should be generated for the individuals in question.
    • If you modify a student's fee schedule before generating TRP, it generates on the modified fee schedule amount, not the original amount.