Major Giving Capacity (MGC) is 5% of Total Confirmed Assets, as calculated in ResearchPoint. It is a rough guide for a prospect’s overall philanthropic capacity over a 5 year period. The rating is not specific to any one non-profit and is calculated on publically confirmed assets only. Many prospects have hidden wealth and MGC may underestimate capacity. Other prospects may have liabilities not reflected and MGC may overestimate capacity. See What are the Major Giving Capacity values for more information.

Target Gift Range (TGR) is a modeled estimate of a prospect’s capacity to give specifically to your organization over a 12-month period. See What are the Target Gift Range values for more information.

Since these ratings are derived from different sources, they should be considered starting points for prospect rating. Other considerations that should be made while evaluating prospects include:

  • Past giving to your organization
  • Past giving to other nonprofits
  • Political giving
  • Anecdotal knowledge of the prospect's capacity
  • Significant events in the prospect's life or business

Your final prospect rating should be determined using a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Major Giving Capacity (MGC), Target Gift Range (TGR), Major Gift Likelihood (MGL), and Annual Gift Likelihood (AGL) ratings
  • Additional prospect research
  • Information gathered through cultivation activities
  • Knowledge gained from your own fundraising experience