In Faculty Access for the Web version 7.82 and earlier:
The system date of the workstation determines the academic year that defaults on the Faculty Access for the Web Home page.

For example:
If academic year dates are as follows:
Academic Year 09-10 is from 08/16/09 to 07/25/10
Academic Year 10-11 is from 08/16/10 to 07/25/11

On 08/01/010, the home page defaults to 09-10, because the system date is not yet within the 10-011 academic year. After 08/16/10, FAWeb will default to the 10-11 academic year.

Beginning with Faculty Access for the Web version 7.83:
Teachers can select a default value for the academic year and session.  To change the default academic year and session:
  1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web
  2. On the Home page, click Settings (located near the top, right side of the screen)
  3. Select the appropriate academic year and session
  4. Click OK
Each time the teacher logs in, the year and session should default to the values selected in the above steps.  These settings are user-specific, so each teacher should complete these steps at the beginning of the year.

Note: In 7.83, you can globally set the homepage for all teachers to default to a specific academic year by denying faculty access to any other academic years. However, if you enable the other academic years again, the homepage will only default the the specified academic year for teachers who signed into FAWeb while the other academic years were disabled. If a teacher did not sign in while the other academic years were disabled, their homepage will default to their original setting.