For more information, refer to What is NetInquiry? (BB184520)


  1. In Admissions Office, click NetSolutions on the navigation bar
  2. On the NetSolutions Options page, click Manage NetInquiry Pages
  3. To edit the default inquiry page, click Default Inquiry Page; or to create
    new page, click New Page on the action bar
  4. If you are adding a new page, enter a name for the page in the Page Name

    Note: Default Inquiry Page appears as the default page name, but each page must have a unique name
  5. Enter the description, title, page header, and Home URL
  6. In the Image/Caption fields, you can browse and select an image to
    appear on the page and enter a caption for the image
  7. To add a link on the main page to a Tell a Friend page, mark Display Tell
    a Friend link
  8. Click Next
  9. On the Page Style screen, in the Page section field, select the section of the inquiry page to customize
    • If you select Background, you can select a background image and its
      position on the page. You can mark Tile image so the image replicates itself from its initial position on the page. You can also mark Watermark so the image
      remains in the same place while the page content scrolls. You can also select colors for the background and hyperlinks.
    • If you select Logo and Title, you can select the page title's font, colors, and alignment. You can include a logo. You also have the option of hiding the logo and title.
    • If you select Image, you can customize the font, colors, and
      alignment of captions for images added
    • If you select Page Header, you can customize the font and colors of
      the page header
    • If you select Body, you can customize the font and colors of body
    • If you select Table Legend, you can customize the font and colors of
      the table legend
    • If you select Table Headers, you can customize the font and colors of
      table and table row headers
    • If you select Table Text, you can customize the font and colors of text
      in tables
    • If you select Error text, you can customize the font and colors of
      error text
    • Click Next
    • On the Table Entries screen, you can select to include only certain table entries on the form
    • Click Next
    • On the Applicant Attributes screen, you can enter questions to appear on the form. For each question, you can select an attribute defined with a data type of Yes/No or Text.

      Note: Do not use the same attribute for more than one question. Only one value can be downloaded for an attribute.
    • Click Next
    • In the Show the following optional fields on the Inquiry page frame,
      you control whether certain optional fields appear on the inquiry page, including Gender, Board type, School apply, Financial Aid, and Activities
    • In the frame titled The following fields will be required on the Inquiry page, mark checkboxes for the fields to make required on the inquiry page
    • In the Header field in the Source frame, enter the text to appear above the
      Source field on the inquiry page
    • In the Confirmation frame, you can customize the email message that is
      sent after a person clicks Submit on the inquiry page
    • Click Next
    • Click Finish
    • On the Congratulations screen, the code for linking to this inquiry page appears. To copy this code from this screen to the Windows clipboard, click Copy.
    • Click OK
    • Click Close