• If a former faculty/staff member is now just the parent of a student:
    1. In Configuration, click Tables, add entries to theRelationship table. For example, Self to the Relationship table.
    2. Create an Individual record for the current parent/former faculty/staff member in Records, Individuals, Add a new Individual record
    3. Copy and link the address from the Faculty/Staff record
    4. On the Relationships tab, add the Faculty/Staff record record as a relation with the relationship and reciprocal relationship of Self
    5. Open the Faculty/Staff record
    6. On the Relationships tab, search for and select the Individual record of the current parent/former Faculty/Staff member
    7. On the General tab, uncheck the following checkboxes: Current teacher, Current advisor, Assign conduct, and Current recruiter
    8. Click Save and Close
  • If the Faculty/Staff record was created accidentally, and does not have any Faculty/Staff specific information that should be tracked:
    1. Document the information to transfer to the new record, such as address and phone number
    2. Create the new Individual record and add the appropriate information
    3. Delete the Faculty/Staff record
    1. Export the Faculty/Staff information
    2. Import the information back in as an Individual record
    3. Delete the Faculty/Staff record