To manually assign an advisor:
  1. In Records, click Faculty/Staff and open the advisor’s record
  2. On the Bio 1 tab, click Advisees
  3. Select the appropriate academic year, grade level and status
  4. Click New Advisee
  5. Search for student/advisee name
  6. Select the appropriate student name and click OK
  7. Save and close the Faculty/Advisor record
  1. Go to Records, Students and open the student's record
  2. Enter the Advisor on the Bio 1 tab as the Advisor
To globally add an advisor to student records:
  1. Open Administration and click Globally change records
  2. Select Student and click New Change
  3. Under Student, select Advisor
  4. Select Add as the Operator
  5. Select the appropriate faculty record
  6. Select the Filters tab
  7. Filter on students to which to add this advisor
  8. Click Preview changes and verify that the results are correct
  9. Click Change Now
Note: Global Add cannot be used in BBSIS to globally Add Advisor. Instead, use How to run the Update Applications wizard in Blackbaud Student Information System (BBSIS Only)