• On the Output tab, select:


      Address, Address Block

      Address, Linked?

      Constituent, Biographical, Name

      Constituent, Address, Preferred Address, Address Block

    • Open the CSV file in Excel
    • Sort the file by the Linked? column
    • Compare each contact's address with each constituent's address. The rows containing the value No in the Linked? column are most likely to contain the contacts whose address is not the same as the organization's preferred address.



      1. Create a constituent query
      • On the Criteria tab, select Relationships, Contacts, Name not blank
      • On the Output tab, select:

        Constituent Information, Name

        Addresses, Preferred Address, Preferred Address Lines

        Addresses, Preferred Address, Preferred City, State

        Addresses, Preferred Address, Preferred ZIP

        Relationships, Contacts, Name

        Relationships, Contacts, Address, Address Lines

        Relationships, Contacts, Address, City, State

        Relationships, Contacts, Address, ZIP

      • On the Results tab, compare each constituent's address with each contact's address