Note: A complete backup process includes making regular backups, storing them on external media, and testing them regularly to ensure validity.


Backing up custom reports depends on whether they are run from the Plug-Ins module or the Reports, Custom Reports module.


Reports run via Plug-Ins:

Custom reports run from Plug-Ins are workstation-specific. If copies of the report are on multiple workstations, only one copy needs to be backed up. When restoring from a backup copy, restore each workstation separately.


Back up the following files and directories:

    • The 'Custom' folder (RPT and MDB files) located under the installation directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Raiser's Edge 7\Custom for The Raiser's Edge and C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge 7\Custom for The Financial Edge and The Education Edge.
    • The Plug-Ins folder located under the same installation directory listed above.

    Reports run via Reports, Custom Reports:

    Custom reports run through Reports, Custom Reports may be stored anywhere, typically in a shared network directory. Back up the RPT files and any associated database files the custom report may use. These reports can be restored and re-added to the Reports module.


    Note: To determine the location of a custom report, do the following:

      • In Reports, click Custom Reports
      • Highlight the custom report in the right-hand frame and click Open
      • Click browse in the Select Crystal Report field
      • The Open window appears to the location of the report. Click the Look in drop-down list to show the complete path.